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About Us


Meaningful events create meaningful memories.  


Piecing together event ideas with caring professionals in order to realize meaningful events has become my mission. This focus blended two of my life interests.

As a professional artist, I remain enriched by a keen attention to details while experiencing beautifully prepared settings. 

As a determined historic preservationist of both land and landmarks, preserving and providing these locations for meaningful events has become a natural activity. 


In Hot Springs, I am able to blend skills and knowledge gained from working in museums, on movie sets, in catering kitchens, and from the rigors of a dozen or more years of hands-on organization of special events near Boone, North Carolina at Growing Wheel Headquarters in Todd, NC.

Hot Springs Is A Tantalizing Destination for Meaningful Events


Communities flourish when their foundational roots remain strong and are respectfully supported. To maintain this trend takes a consistent, gentle, and sensitive involvement. 


My aim is to provide uplifting and innovative “memory-making” events that continue a respect for the craftsmanship and a reverence for the effort and principles foundational to the landmarks of Hot Springs’ past.


Hot Springs Has A Long History


Used by First Nation inhabitants, the geothermal mineral waters, less than five minutes away from The Belle Inn, Chestnut Hall, and Pine Hall, can delight your group. The waters are pure and the French Broad River is majestic.  The people in town are friendly. Taking a hike on the Appalachian Trail brings another nod to past innovators who held their determined mission to preserve and protect our country’s beautiful wildernesses.


Special thanks to the innovators who created the Dorland-Bell Mission School and to those in 1924 who built the Belle Inn, originally called the Washburn Memorial Cottage. It was the final building erected on the campus of Dorland-Bell Institute. Here young women gained an education “to do one’s best for one’s self, and others without anyone standing over to watch”. 


Consider renting our locations for your next meaningful meeting. 

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