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Our Locations


The Belle Inn

Each room is approximately 

255 to 300 square feet with closets,

hardwood floors, ceiling fans, air conditioning,

and remote control lighting. WIFI available.


Room rates include:

As requested - coffee, tea, hearty breakfasts, vegan and vegetarian choices.

29 Walnut Street,

Hot Springs, NC


Built in 1922


1950’s deconsecrated Methodist Church with wormy chestnut paneled interior.

Please take note this is a pristine space with vaulted ceilings, vintage milk glass chandeliers, a dozen 12’ long pews, and amber stained-glass windows.


Air conditioning, additional fans, and heat for winter use make this a highly comfortable setting for movie and video shoots, or a catalog and model location for still photographers. WIFI available.

Chestnut Hall

65 South Spring St

Hot Springs, NC


Built in 1952

first one.JPG

A commercially designed event space with beverage bar, varnished knotty pine paneled interior. Cathedral ceiling with dimming capacity for chandeliers and wall sconce lighting. WIFI available.

Please take note this is an ideal location for all size groups and has well-tested acoustics. Versatile arrangement of space and walking distance from all activities in Hot Springs. This is a universal “go-to” when planning unusual events.

Pine Hall & Kitchen

64 South Spring St

Hot Springs, NC


Built in 2012

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